News about the new Enigma album

March 10th 2006 is the new date for “Hello and Welcome” – New Studio Album 2006!!
Enigma - Hello and Welcome The new Enigma Single called: “Hello and Welcome” has now been rescheduled for release on March 10 2006, the day before the boxing match with German boxing champ Felix Strum. The track and remixes can be purchased and
Enigma management also announces……
“The NEW Enigma album will be released by the end of 2006”
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3 thoughts on “News about the new Enigma album”

  1. 终于让你等到一件让你开心的事了哦,一定从现在开始就好期待好期待的吧。到时不许整天听那个而不理我哦

  2. 不知道我做了什么孽这年头人人都写德语……呵呵,那歌到处有,这个连接也是百度上搜来的:

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